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The Italian Studies section in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at Georgia State University, in collaboration with the Department of Communications - Film Studies Program and the Italian Film Festival of Miami, will conduct a week-long film festival presenting new Italian films (not released in the U.S.) in 35mm at the Rialto Center for the Arts

A special feature of this year's festival will be a showing of Fellini's La Dolce Vita in 35mm.

Actress Anita Eckberg in a classic scene from "La Dolce Vita"

March 24-27, 2011

Rialto Center for the Arts

FREE and open to the public


Title Date Time
 La Dolce Vita  24-Mar      8:00 PM  
 Happy Family  25-Mar      7:00 PM
 18 Anni Dopo  25-Mar      9:00 PM
 Dieci Inverni  26-Mar      4:00 PM  
 Dalla Vita in Poi  26-Mar      7:00 PM
 Ex  26-Mar      9:00 PM  
 Genitori e Figli  27-Mar      1:00 PM  

*shows subject to final availability