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The Tunnel: The Secret of the Siege of Sarajevo


Oral Histories Exhibition and Panel Discussion

November 14, 2012
Exhibition: 9:00am - 3:30pm
Panel Discussion: 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Veterans Memorial

Screening of the film The Tunnel:  The Secret of the Siege of Sarajevo

November 15, 2012 at 7:30pm
Colloqium with the Film-maker Immediately Following Film
Speakers Auditorium
Reception with artists and panelist following the program in the Student Center Lobby.

Women in Black Photography Exhibition
Photographs by Vesna Pavlovic

November 12-16, 2012
Student Center Lobby
Closing Reception for The Tunnel: The Secret of the Siege of Sarajevo will now be held on November 15th following the screening of the film (see above).

CENCIA is pleased to present a week-long look at the conflict in Sarajevo culminating in the screening of the film The Tunnel:  The Secret of the Siege of Sarajevo by Nedim Loncarevic.  The film is a powerful story of the secret underground tunnel that the citizens of the city of Sarajevo dug out to escape the four-year long siege during the Bosnian war (1992-1995). The tunnel was used to smuggle the people out of the city, but also to smuggle in food, medicine, and money to the besieged population who lived in terrible conditions. The tunnel became a symbol of the brutality of the Bosnian war, the resilience of the suffering population, as well as the involvement of the international community in the Balkans conflict.

After screening the film, a colloquium with the two authors of the film (Beatrice Toulon and Nedim Loncarevic), scholars of the Bosnian conflict (Jelena Subotic, Political Science, Georgia State University, and Stewart Ziff, Arts & Design, Georgia State University) will be hosted. 
Building up to the film screening, the project will also host a day-long exhibition of video recorded oral histories of Atlantans who either survived the siege, had family affected by the siege or in some way experienced radical life changes directly related to the siege.  Additionally, photographer Vesna Pavlovic of Vanderbilt University has photographed women who protested the atrocities and war.  Photographs from her series "Women in Black" will be exhibited.  Additional work by Vesna Pavlovic is represented in Atlanta by WhiteSpace Gallery.

UPDATE:  The CENCIA exhibition continues to inspire students at Georgia State.  The oral histories collected for the CENCIA showing were so compelling that Professor Stewart Ziff’s students decided to carry the project through the spring semester.  For the complete story, please click here.  To view the oral histories, please click here.


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  CENCIA appreciates the support of WhiteSpace Gallery in helping to promote this project.