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From left to right front row: Ginny Albert, Ihsan Sharif, OAASAP Director Dr. Doris A. Derby, Eric Carswell, and Raymond Dockery III. Left to right back row: Spencer Tukes, David French, Shelly-Ann Facey, Daniel Fitch and Deranta Avaloy

First Annual Black Student Film Festival


CENCIA is a proud sponsor for this inaugural event! The Black Student Film Festival will exhibit the work of students producing work depicting and representing African American people and culture. Many of the students who will be participating in this inaugural event are members of OAASS&P's African American Filmmakers Alliance, which falls under the umbrella of OAASS&P's Performing and Visual Arts Council (PVAC). These films will be premieres for the students.


Awards will be presented for the best films in each category. Seven  categories will be featured at the film festival including Documentary; Suspense, Mystery and Horror; Comedy; Drama; Romance; Action; and Music/Video. In addition,  the work of guest film producers will be presented and a distinguished guest panel discussion will be held each day. Leading this project is OAASS&P (Office of African American Student Services and Programs) under the direction of Dr. Doris A. Derby, Director.

    November 2, 2011

Panel Discussion 4:00-5:45pm

Classroom South Room 608
Reception 5:45pm

Film Screenings: 7:00-10:00pm
Classroom South Rooms
608, 528 & 428 

FREE and open to the public.                                   

Film Award Winners:
"Listen Up!" by N'Dieye Gray Danavall
Drama:  "He Got Soul" by Kip Casto
Comedy:  "The Unstoppable Edwina Chambers" by Sue-Ellen Chitanya
Cinematography: "Between" by Khalilah Waajid
Judges Award:  "Fly Hustle, Fresh Grind" by Cleopatra Adedeji

Honorable Mentions:
:  "Keepers of the Culture" by Amris Bell & Imani Warren
                            "People TV-The End of a Public Access Era" by Mike Hicks

Drama:            "Return to Honor" by N'Dieye Gray Danavall
                         "Idiom" by Kristen Brazille
                         "Daddy's Little Girl" by Romaine Phillips
                         "Mold and Cast" by Nicola Roberts

Comedy:          "Empty Fish Tank" by Yonas Michael
                          "I Bust" by Trellis Woods

Romance:        "The Color of Love" by Graylin Taylor

Sci-Fi:               "Life is a Rose" by Brandon Mishawn

Music Video:    "Missing You" by Aisha Davis
                           "Real Love" by Terance Moore


November 3, 2011
Panel Discussion 4:00-5:45pm

Classroom South Room 608
Reception 5:45pm

Film Screenings and Award Recognition Ceremony: -7:00-10:00pm
Classroom South Rooms
608, 428 & 427









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This event is sponsored by CENCIA, the Center for Collaborative and International Arts, at Georgia State University.